This program is open to children ages 3-7 and their parents. The Learning Program Omaha meets one Saturday per month for nine sessions. During each hour and a half session, children receive small group instruction with a focus on literacy, numeracy, fine motor skills and language development from educators and therapists. Simultaneously in a separate classroom, parents in the program receive instruction on a wide range of topics such as "Introduction to Literacy", "Early Number Concepts", and "Teaching about Time". At-home materials are distributed to allow parents to reinforce the skills learned during the session at home. Teachers and therapists affiliated with the program receive information about effective teaching strategies and cognitive, developmental and educational research.

Parents and students must commit to attending all 9 sessions. The cost of the program covers materials for the class and home, along with the monthly sessions. We also offer a parent only option for the lecture portion of the program. Your child does not attend the class nor do they have to be the age of the class participants. This is a great opportunity for parents of younger children or older children who may still need help with reading and writing skills. There is an online only option hosted by the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County. You can register for that HERE.

Educators are welcome to attend any or all of the lecture portion of the program for free. Please register HERE!

Know someone interested in volunteering? They can sign up HERE!

Classes will be held at Westwood Church (13056 Atwood Ave, Omaha, NE 68144) from 9:00am - 10:30am. 

September 9th - Introduction to Literacy 
October 7th - Early Number Concepts
November 4th - Effective Learning Sessions
December 2nd - Colors, Shapes, Sorting & Patterns
January 6th - Literacy (Part 2)
February 3rd - Memory
March 3rd - Sounds & Letters
April 7th - Time
May 5th - Fostering Independence 

The Learning Program Omaha

Student and Parent

Nine 1.5 hour class sessions, 20 Learning Program Early Reader Books (alternative set for returning students), 1 Learning Program Number Line for new students (Printed materials are a $268 value).

Out of Stock

Student and Parent - NO Printed Books

Nine 1.5 hour sessions, 1 Learning Program Number Line (for 1st year students only).

*You will need to print the 20 Learning Program Early Reader Books to use with your child (a $250 value).

Out of Stock

Parent Only

Nine 1.5 hour parent sessions. Student is not enrolled. Monthly handouts provided but printed Learning Program Early Reader Books and Number Line are NOT included. You may print them from online for free or order them from the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County website.

@ $75.00 ea.

The Learning Program - Omaha Staff

Lead Teacher, Tracy Hayden

Second Grade Teacher, Gretna Public Schools

Assistant Teacher, Sarah Lallman

Elementary Special Education Teacher, Westside Community Schools

Occupational Therapist, Kate Krueger

Early Development Network, Omaha Public Schools

Speech Language Pathologist, Melissa Bradley-Potter

Melissa Bradley-Potter is a speech language pathologist and is the owner of Blue Door Pediatric Therapy, P.C.. 
Melissa has over a decade of experience providing high quality speech therapy services to children and their families in the Omaha area. She is a Certified Hanen Instructor for the  It Takes Two to Talk® Program, teaching families of children with language delays how to become their child's most important language teacher. Melissa is also a Certified Hanen Instructor for the More Than Words® Program, providing families of children on the autism spectrum with the tools, strategies and support they need to help their children reach their full communication potential. She is a Certified Baby Signs® Instructor, teaching families how to communicate with their babies with sign before they are able to talk. 
Melissa is passionate about working with children and their families to provide them with the skills and education to achieve their communication goals. 
For more information about Melissa and her practice, go to, email at or call 402-680-1823.