Parent to Parent Training

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
6:00 pm9:00 pm
UNO Community Engagement Center Room 127

*This is an invite only event. If you are interested in participating in a future Parent to Parent Training, email Leah at*

Training Provided by Denise Gehringer from Ollie Webb. Center, Inc.

Parent to Parent of Omaha serves families of children, teens, and adults with disabilites. It strives to keep the families well-informed, emotionally supported and active in their local disability community.

Parent to Parent Support began in Nebraska in 1971 as the Pilot Parent Program of GOARC in Omaha. It was a support program for families of newly diagnosed children with developmental disabilities and was the first peer parenting program of its kind in the United States. Due to its success at providing parent directed information and support, you can now find more than 600 parent-to-parent programs throughout the nation, including P2P USA. The philosophy behind parents helping parents has been researched and documented as an essential component of any comprehensive family support system.

What is the role of a supporting parent?
A supporting parent will usually start out their relationship with a new parent by sharing their own personal story. In turn, as they listen to the new parent tell them what they are experiencing, the support parent often re-experiences and recognizes the feelings that they experienced with their own child and this allows them to empathize with the new parents in a way that no others can. Supporting parents are listeners, providers of information, and a source of encouragement and practical day-to-day information that may be invaluable to a new family who is just starting out. They also understand the common emotional reactions that most parents say they experience when they first find out that their child has special needs. Supporting parents can help the new parents adjust to the news and give them hope for the future.