DSES - Educator Session - Assistive Technology

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
4:00 pm6:00 pm
UNO Community Engagement Center Room 231

The Down Syndrome Education Series (DSES) is a monthly educational seminar for families of children with Down syndrome, designed to connect parents with information that will positively impact the education and well-being of their child.

Speaker - Dixie Trevarthen, Southeast NE Assistive Technology Consultant

From pencil grippers to iPads, learn how assistive technology can support students in the classroom and at home. Many children with disabilities have difficulties with reading, writing, and math. Some children have problems with vision, hearing, listening and/or communicating, others have physical, mobility, and motor problems. Assistive Technology helps children use their strengths to compensate or workaround weaknesses caused by the disability. Assistive Technology includes devices and services. Gain insight into how Assistive Technology is considered throughout the IEP process.

*Registration closes Monday, January 15th at 10am. Please email Leah at janke@dsamidlands.org if you miss the deadline and would like to attend.
**Childcare is not provided. With the exception of infants, we request that you refrain from bringing children to this event.